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Saturday, April 11, 2015


Recently (December 2014 , but only found out recently (a few days...a week tops)), at least one person has come forth at a forum and expressed the desire to read--at some point in time--the (still) only one available novel presented on this blog.

No one can be completely sure whether this one person managed to read the book via any means available. Regardless of what may have happened or whether anyone ever actually wanted to do it, it has been decided to offer one more way of doing it (that is reading the book...).

So, as of the beginning of April 2015 and for a yet undecided period of time, Dementia's Google Books preview will be set at 100% and with the option of a downloadable PDF.

Thank you.

Also, let's take this opportunity to express gratitude for the first person (second as we speak, counting the AMAZON site) who chose to publicly express his/her opinion of the short story MINERS by giving it 4 stars on the KOBO website, as well as the second person who followed two days later with a couple more. Many thanks all around.

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