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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Creative Exercise: NY APARTMENT

Creative Exercise: NY APARTMENT
by Georgevine Moss

Just like when you take away everything from a drummer and leave him with just a snare drum, boot and hi-hat and he is forced to get creative, we are going to try to take from an apartment and let our imagination loose.

The exercise: design an apartment of 28 square meters.

Step 1: Thinking of available options...

7*4 = 28 square meters


5*5 + 2*1.5


3*1 = 25 +3 = 28 square meters

The effort started with some experimentation and math (erased from the picture so as not cause any dizziness or laughter)...

But things weren't really working out because, on second thought, a main entrance door leading to the bathroom would probably not go well with some people anyone...or having no entrance at all, unless you go through someone else's apartment, for that matter. I guess that's what you call a design flaw...

Note: If you're wondering what the F is in the picture above, it's a funky-looking closet.

So, after some further sketching and with a final choice of 5*5 + 2*1.5 for apartment size (apartments 2 and 4) and 5*5 + 3*1 (apartments 1 and 3), we end up with a design such as Apartment 4 in the picture below and a floor as described at the end of the apartment description.

Apartment Description

Double Bed: 1.4*2 m
A: Shelves mounted on the wall
+ storage space under the bed for all linens
B: Bathroom
C: Kitchen (Bar -like):
- All around counter top
- Glasses hanging above
: Rotating Stools/ Seats with Adjustable Height, so that they can be lowered to the table's level or heightened to the kitchen's counter top
H: Sink
D: Couch 1.80 m * 0.90 m (71'' * 36'')
E: Table (Low): Entertainment / Work Area. That table, apart from its guest-entertaining use of holding plates and glasses on its surface and being your desk when you try to do some work on your laptop, could also be collapsible so that the person who'd choose to live in that space would also have room for DVD workouts, cause why not?
F: TV set (TV mounted on the wall)
G: 1.5m wide * o.5m deep : Desk
G: 1.52 m (5') * 0.76 m (36'') : Closet (inside mirrored doors)
I: External Glass Elevator

Corridor leads to two more apartments (4 apartments per floor)

Total of Two Apartments

10 m (apartments) = 12 m
10 m (apartments) + 1.5 m * 2(bathrooms) + 0.5 m (corridor) = 13.5 m
10 m* 13.5 m = 135 m2

Total of Floor: 270 m2

plus 2.5 m *2 m = 5 m2 (external glass elevator)

Then you get 275 m2 total.

Also, the 5 m or 8 m (if you stretch it along the bathroom length (ap. 3) by 0.5 m (the little extra space from the other apartment's bathroom (ap. 4)) space could be a very narrow but lengthy balcony, right? Maybe you could put some greenery over there or cultivate your own vegetables?

One last thought. With that kind of a design, specifically the external elevator with the long corridor to get to all four apartments, you could easily have a whole floor on the ground level instead of a building entrance, right? Just saying...

As for what prompted this little creative exercise, here's a link to satisfy your curiosity.

So, what do you think of my architectural effort?